Thursday, 3 June 2010

Yeah we're going to be staying on the moon, but there's still gonna be races

Always a pleasure to see a man gain perspective by meditating on the methods & environment that sustain him w/ the help of a "dog having a fit" hook:

Having been very sharp in his use of media and existing almost entirely in ways other ppl had barely got used to using at all, here Lil B is kind of on a downer expressing worries about the technology he's been utilizing. B's concerns about the internet are inevitable for someone so closely tied & reliant on it and perhaps the nostalgia is being conducted w/ rose-tinted glasses cuz the sensitivity he's espousing wrt suspending judgement and being open has been made possible by the exposure to the other you get in the age of information, as he lays out. This song only exists on youtube anyway, our mate Brandon's way of coping w/ these stresses is his sedate desktop background (pretty curious about what it is) so he shld be more enthusiastic about the moon&c soon.

Or maybe it's just too much weed; this next song has some pretty bicameral mind panned shouts on it!!! But really, this is totally worth yr time and has a nice whimsical squiffy hook. Lil B is a very round-edged producer.