Saturday, 20 September 2008


Dogs and the Minutemen are a good match, domestic, unfussy, more about crotch breathing room than looking sharp, makes sense to put them together and that yr an endorser of both. Does you-dog camaraderie work mostly because you can project any tastes and feelings you like on to its blank hormonal enthusiasm? I don't have many (enough) good times digging music with people, even when we're both there listening a lot of the time our experiences are separate somehow, we don't communicate properly through listening. Or maybe thats not right, at concerts am I looking at the audience or with them? Sometimes the audience is an oppressive monster trapping me and polluting the music and sometimes it seems so idly lame I don't want to be in it. But sometimes, and for me this has mostly been at concerts, the audience feels like an extension of myself, like the music's a giant Katamari-style entity which has scooped us all into itself and its so immediate and strange and intense that we've all gone and shed ourselves and gone collectively crazy like its a brilliant and important new mission, a great breakthrough for understanding and mankind. Too rare. To even get a vision of that from a song is pretty good, nevermind if there is no dog out there with the same idea.

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