Friday, 3 April 2009

game to be played AT GIGS

Ok so i have invented a game.
I apologise in advance; this has basically nothing to do with music, but then again what does these days really hm?

I invented it on the way to the Dirty Projects gig I went to last night where, incidentally, I fell in love with literally every member of the band.
I went to the gig with Chris, Alun, Andy and Nick (listed here in alphabetical order, but with Chris at the front) and for whatever reason I was expecting to bump into someone at the gig I knew independantly of those bozos (sp?)

I started thinking about how awkward this would make me feel, because sometimes I mean I get a little shy you know how it is and I was trying to think of a way around it when I came up with this game.

So basically the game is you go to a gig or a party with a group of people you know, in this instance Alun, Andy, Chris and Nick (hello all of you HELLO). And then say you meet someone at said gathering that you know, or maybe you get talking to a stranger, you each have to convince the new acquaintance that the other members of your friend group are actually strangers to you and have kidnapped you, at gunpoint, and brought you to the gig/party.
But you have to do it without any obvious signals, you can't come right out and say "help please THEY'VE KIDNAPPED ME THEY SHOT MY FRIEND CALL THE POLICE" because then your "kidnappers" will be forced to violent extremes and you genuinely fear for the safety of the nearby innocent bystanders.

So we all sort of agreed to play this game but I was thrown a fucking curveball to the max when three of my teachers turned up. Then later I met someone I loosely know, Toni, and her boyfriend Anton, but by then The Dirty Projectors were about to go on and I'd forgotten about the game.

I did try to convince this guy Dave (hi Dave! - he definitely doesn't read this blog, the flake) that the others had kidnapped me. Alun tried too: "they smashed my phone on a rock...ha ha ha". A caveat: my opening script was I don't really know these guys at all, you know what I mean? so if you're getting off anytime just let me know so I can come with you and it was accompanied by alot of frantic winking and the cry for help was not accurately communicated and in fact it appeared to be a much more homoerotic/insane signal which didn't go down well, really.

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