Tuesday, 19 May 2009


I'm pretty sure everyone hates Animal Collective at least some of the time. I relistened to Feels a few weeks back, and it wasn't bad, didn't deserve to be the point I jumped ship, and I started to feel out the bromance of the Animal Collective sound.

Sufficiently well meditated, I present to you all a Bromantic Mix, more of a radio-style broadcast, romanticism without the romance, for yr hearty lols at my first ableton experiments. Because I love you, it's got fraternity, optimism, vocal harmonies, tenderness, gay guys freaked out by women, some obscurities&some favourites, all a little fragile. A lot of it just sounds like a string of fat handed mistakes to me but I guess my ambivalence about it is fitting considering how I feel about its inspiration. I've got a wav that sounds much better if anyone wants it, but otherwise, enjoy:


  1. Initially, i was full of the belly-full swell of raucous brotherly sentiment and yr neverending mysterious pronouncements which lead you to new loves & for me unreachable shores of despite-your-protestation faintly exotic beaten drum-dem. But now i am 12 minutes in and listening and i want to affirm that romance which i think you treated well when you mentioned - i'm pretty sure in an understated wave of the hand way - 'all a little fragile'. Well, thats exactly it and so far (15 mintes) i think that amounts to some great choices. i don't know how much REmixing youre considering, as opposed to the running into one another, but think the arthur russell sounds a little thin (often think this anyway, when i take certain songs out of context but am actually speaking contextually here)with relation to what went before. kindof weedy instead of bone-ily vulnerable in a sizing-up attempt at a great wash of sound. i like the feel of the static wave swells at the end of that track but do think they need more work. whatre your intentions with this, practically speaking? i think the AT was the full track - do you prefer that?

    A lot of love! x

  2. Ha, well, ignore the whole last part of that, since the static swells were part of the Black Dice track. I didn't recognise, thought they sounded put on. Anyway, i understand the combination is the point - though combination is not the right word for me, more the watery pool of that romantic base level.