Monday, 4 May 2009

buggin out

I want my reworked classics to be lighthearted, it's just more GRIST to play with. I don't know when rappers started copying parts of the rhymes from the songs they covered but I'm used to it, but a remade video is noo to me, and what with it being THIS video of all videos, I thought that made it worthy of our collective attentions. This is on the pretty great J Period Q-Tip mixtape which you can use yr smarts to find.

Not reverential, not cribbing too much, not recycling the more choice lines, not as good colour effects a full 18 years after the original wtf, not quite as charming in their goofing. But they're still goofing pretty hard, Cudi's got his skinnies on and even has a little go at the jerk dance (as best as I can interpret). Borrowed quality is still quality:


  1. Yeah basically agree with your comments. The dancing stuff isn't quite as good, and his jumper doesn't change colours, but the half stolen/half new rapping isn't too bad.
    Eyes are inferior also.

  2. the slowmotion dancing at the end is quite superb