Monday, 11 May 2009


So I heard Amy Winehouse had a fairly disastrous comeback gig the other day. But hasn't it only been like four months since she released something?

How can that really be a comeback? Or if it is are the Dirty Projectors etc etc, you see where I'm going with that already right? I mean the Dirty Projectors played 3 times in as many months last year, or something like that. I mean compare the level of impact this Amy Winehouse gig has had with the Led Zepplin comeback gig. Go on. Fucking compare them.

Is this a product of our society of instant gratification? Where if we aren't bombarded with constant shit we just forget all about? And where can I get some instant gratification? Apart from Spotify, obviously. Or the internet in general. What now hm?

Or was this just far, far too stupid to mention out loud?

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