Thursday, 12 November 2009

Dr Ciaran and the Space Sickness

I went to see my doctor. Dr Ciaran.

He is a bad doctor. Whatever is wrong with me, even if it's nothing, he prescribes Muse videos.

I hear it's the same for all his patients.

Watching them, I got a weird sense of deja vu. I realised it wasn't that they sounded like Queen or ELP, it was something more profound than just the style; there was some deep spiritual affinity I couldn't place.

Muse were trying to realise a vision, and with every video I watched, I got closer to working out what it was. I felt that I was recognising some common experience or history with Muse, and I wondered if this was what Dr Ciaran had foreseen, if there was some suppressed memory hidden in the music he wanted me to discover.

Then one evening as I watched Muse's symphony, Exogenesis, it clicked:

Well done, Dr Ciaran, well done.


  1. What was the name of the anarchist poet in Cat's Cradle?

  2. Pretty sure it was Mr D. Moonbus.

  3. Bjork's ultimate vision is not a million moonbus miles away.