Wednesday, 10 March 2010

based and pretty in the new age

"I don't even know if I'm even a rapper anymore"

Right this very second Lil B is sat in front of his bedroom mirror, stoned to perfection, naked except for jewelry and maybe a pharoah's headdress, his voice almost a whisper as he slowly intones a mantra about staying positive and what a pretty bitch he is, masturbating himself into a profound state of consciousness to the tones of the Twin Peaks soundtrack.

This is the best youtube video of all time.

Lil B is prophet and pretty boy, based as in mashed and based as in confidently independent. Comfortable in his role as playboy mystic, comfortable online, he's new age; he's not too fussed about format, genre or anything else that might get in the way of his DIY productivity. Not just putting out albums and mixtapes, the based god's youtube channel is fresh from the ether and he's pushing 1 video a day on there lately. Which is besides his work w/ The Pack and producing for Soulja Boy.

"No I don't have a job & yr a bitch for asking"

Brandon has also published a book of his text messages and emails to fans. It's my birthday in a couple of months remember. Lil B is a vision of a future, an age of the rapper as online cottage industry, closely in touch with a small, devoted fanbase.

How long would it take us to come up w/ a cover as good as this?

His new album seems to be as far-out and pastoral as we've seen him, and promises to touch on topics close to my heart:

"This is not a song, it's more like an emotion"

Maybe he heard the first cLOUDDEAD album, he's from the bay area after all. Or it could be Vangelis, or one of the 70s glacial minimalists, but it seems more likely that California inspires a certain mentality that they've all tapped into. Here's a rap album Windham Hill could put out. A man for our times.

(Yes, that's the X-Men theme)

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  1. credit to dave jones for finding the imogen heap song lil b samples in Im God - "Just For Now" -