Thursday, 18 December 2008


For your careful attention:

Mescaline Mix

I've got the extra unwanted awareness of my own body that comes with not feeling fully fit. When I get phenomenologically minded and have that sense of myself in/as my body, there's something about collages and tape manipulations that really hits the spot. This real early Terry Riley tape work is like listening through a fever where everything creeps along at quarter speed, so languid its uncanny. I get a real sense that to make this stuff you have to pay attention to the act of listening, which is maybe what interests me most about music. I think the collage is the real listener's music because of the way it treats sound as something external, something that approaches and surrounds you rather than comes forth from or through you. Riley's got such a sensitive ear that this will give you 100% legit phenomenological shivers. This comes from the Music From The Gift cd/reissue which is some amazing listening.

Listened to Unknown Soldier twice since reading yr post Ro, yr completely right and I've got some more examples to post when I get back after the weekend.


  1. Tom! That file type is like a .ogg which I have never even heard of before, much less am able to play in any capacity.
    Maybe VLC will open it actually. VLC could open an ancient tomb, or the sun.

  2. Having listened to it I think I understand what you mean when you say "understanding the act of listening". The way it comes in little bursts, the way it's worked over, somehow makes alot of sense in terms, oddly, of rhythm. It feels somehow very right on.
    But it also makes me feel like I'm in a murder scene in some 70s horror fest, on a more personal note.