Monday, 9 February 2009

world cup trumpets

The most striking and key trumpet voice or tongue to use a Meltzerism, is to my mind the Iberian sound, the sound of Nietzsche's 'South' (an ideal and mentality rather than a place, the physical and lighthearted alternative Nietzsche could escape to from his home in hardened rational Germany).

In the ever increasing number of pan-European matters the trumpet sound wins out and provides the musical stamp; its the sound of national anthems (a meaty topic in itself) and the sort of ritualised quadra-party with military overtones that is a big sport event, specifically football. I'm not sure how long trumpets have had this sport tongue in their arsenal, but it was first brought to my attention by this:

This is the sort of genius propaganda as celebration that has made the EU the subtle force it is. If not the originators, Europeans were certainly first to master the sports spectacle as political event. You don't need to fight or argue, merely have yr ideology underpinning a huge festival and summon the people with trumpets.

Without ritual or trumpets, politics and music tend to meet clumsily as gestures born of frustration at epic shitstink rockathons. It's one thing to 'raise consciousness' but its not the stuff people are conscious of that effects them strongest. Make yr agenda explicit and all you do is ruin the party. In the words of drunk Conor Oberst, "Yeah, that last song has just made poverty history, you stupid fuckers."

This World Cup Trumpet deployed by Dario G (from Crewe I think) is all over Eurodance stuff, as well as appearing on Slippi by Animal Collective, which makes sense as they'd totally be down with some liberal hedonistic utopia. I'm always on the look out for this, I think the Young Jeezy track from my previous post is close, but too weighty and lacking carefree sunshine vibes of any sort.

Flutes and strings make things complicated. A lot of solo string stuff I find alters my consciousness, instilling looping brainworm mantras or shifting everything with some searing unbroken drone. Flutes are the maybe the most rapey instruments, used by snake charmers, Pan, Will Ferrell, and other untrustables. Lianne reckons my trumpet/saxophone binary is nonsense as it is, not sure I've got much left to ascribe to flutes and strings here.

Man mostly what this has done is make me go and listen to a lot of stuff with saxophones on. I've chewed through bits of Albert Ayler (late stuff with bonus trumpet from his brother, so heavy), Moondog's Sax Pax For Sax (with some awesome bass sax), John Coltrane's Meditations (opening whinnying call to arms fucking grips the now with no build up or prologue, an absolute THIS IS IT moment where you retroactively anticipate what yr experiencing, like waking up in the middle of the apocalypse) and the Jan Garbarek I mentioned before, which collapses the awful/beautiful gap so completely - there's even some discussion of Icelandic scenery in the liner notes - I really don't think the distinction is going to bother me for a while.

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