Tuesday, 10 February 2009

trumpet saxophone union

I was listening to this song, Rock Fort Shock, that Bob sent me a while ago.

Here it is one youtube: (it's really fucking loud btw so watch out)

Anyway. The trumpet line works well with the saxophone in unison. The saxophone is way background on it all but you can hear it when the trumpet gets lower and it's subtle and good!
Also the trumpet that comes in at 1:35 is one of the best things ever.

On ritual and trumpets:

When was the last time you heard trumpets in a Fugazi song, or the Clash or Bob Dylan?
Ok so Bob Dylan has some trumpets and I think the Clash do too. But fucking Fugazi?
My point is those big campy rock fest quick fixes, like Live Aid are never going to work, but they're not unecessary gestures.

With a band like Fugazi, maybe you hear them and like their music and listen to their message and you decide to live your life a different way, to walk off the high street and find something new. I'm oversimplifying, but you get the idea. I know this is going off topic and I've planned it out - it never gets back on topic, but bear with me.
Gigs, in their way, a kind of ritualistic. They're a big public gathering of people who have something in common. You don't go to a Fugazi gig, though, to hear a political message. You go to fucking rock. But the message is there; they're trying to reach out to you on a personal level.
The alternative, I suppose, music with no real meaning, is stuff like dance music or the fucking Killers or Razorlight or some shit, although I haven't listened to those bands. Maybe they're fucking prophets. But I think that kind of music that is more about the gathering than the personal.
People like doing stuff together. Does any of this make any sense? It's just a rant I guess.

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  1. I used to think that the 'violining' guitar parts at the beginning of Fugazi's 'Turnover' were trumpets (although, with the benefit of hindsight, I can now tell you that they more closely resemble horns). They sound NEAT; shame about the general lack of brass instruments in their music.