Tuesday, 10 February 2009

side track: mini photo essay

Dear The Great Unpopular.

Welcome to the age of Multimedia. With this post I introduce photos to the blog and take us roaring ahead to the future. So far advanced am I, in fact, I might as well be a hologram coming at you in your own house in the future.

The other day I bought Once Upon a Time in America on DVD in Fopp for 3 pounds.

I have recreated the moment with Andy for purposes of illustration. And with him buying something else.

Here we are actually pretending Zavvi is Fopp because Fopp was all the way on the otherside of the Arndale and Market Street.

Today, then, I bought a sandwich from Katsouri’s for £3.50, which means that it is globally accepted that a sandwich, from Katsouri’s, is worth fifty pence MORE than the film Once Upon a Time in America.

Here Andy is pretending to enjoy eating a Katsouri’s sandwich because we’d actually eaten our sandwiches before I remembered to take the photo of us eating our sandwiches.

My point is are Fopp destroying any artistic viability in music or film, or books or tv, furthering consumer culture and the need for constant information overload and therefore encouraging the mixing of intense, original work and dull and awful shit until you can’t tell the difference because everything that’s being shoved into your face is just a pastiche of something else being shoved in your face?

Or are they bastions of cultural hope in this global recession which has affected me not at all?

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