Saturday, 7 February 2009

Not that I deliberately set out to derail good discussions...

...but that clip (or at least the first 22 seconds) puts me in mind of arty late-'70s porn: the voyeuristic camera work, which evokes the POV of a peeping tom; the woman (I think woman - this is the late '70s, after all) settling down to listen, and perhaps to be aroused by the music's sensual lilt; the way the men involved aren't obviously attractive...that's three things - enough for a compelling argument, right?

Naturally, saxophones tend to suggest 'eroticism', but that isn't the case here, partially because this one is a baritone; I'm not sure why, but this instrument seems to have escaped the cruel fate of its higher-register brother and sisters. 200 years ago the flute was considered to be the embodiment of male lustfulness...go figure.

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