Saturday, 7 February 2009


I don't exactly know what it is about the saxophone but I find it sort of embarassing. I think it's maybe the connotations it has for me of Shit Jazz, just totally overblown middle aged Party Time sassy saxophone misery.
The kind of saxophone I can deal with is how Fela Kuti plays his, or something softer like Festive Minor by Gerry Mulligan. Bob sent me this song a while ago with Chet Baker playing trumpet. I couldn't figure out how to upload songs but here is a youtube video of Mulligan playing that tune with someone else playing trumpet and you get the idea.

Both instruments here sound good, to me, but they are sort of playing the same way; the fact they're different instruments is almost irrelevent except in terms of voice I guess.

But this is more of that conversational tone you're talking about right, Tom?
The trumpets in that Young Jeezy song are pretty epic.
The thing is now, in my mind, recent bands that feature a trumpet, or even a saxophone, prominently do so as a gimmick it seems. Hercules and Love Affair is a good example of a band integrating a horn section in way that is not completely embarassing, but it is sort of a throwback to disco and funk and that, in its own way, is sort a gimmick too. But I really like that band.


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