Sunday, 3 May 2009

I'm going to skip over the fact of this being my first post because thats courtesy gone way off guard and instead just MAKE this post:

Listening to Pedro The Lion - basically a weird sidestep in taste for me since their existence is sortof buried years back, too deep to unpick but not deep enough its earned them any status in my memory of 'Things I Like(d)'. But, anyway, i was listening again today (to two of the three songs i really like by them) and i was thinking about what a great song Rapture is - and this is so much a subjective judgement, even in the realm of everything being relative - but it basically feels in some way the musical personfication of pin-pointed sentiment. Not the words themselves (though David Bazaan's strangely raspy but disaffected soaring breath is part of the picture) but all that clangy production and those shimmering guitar 'scapes, which are all sweat& warmth& haze and NOISE interwoven with something like melody, but i don't want to use that word.

Also. I dont think i have ever in my life felt so much that two songs are so much a pair as Rapture and Options which are so distinct and i hope TENUOUSLY linked subject-wise (not sure what the benefit is to feeling otherwise) but i am certain they are part of the same something.

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