Tuesday, 12 May 2009

two thoughts

I enjoy writing for you babes here, or at least, I'm enjoying the writing as PRACTISE, like I enjoy shaking hands and my old boss enjoyed tweaking his phone-manner to perfection. For all the shit&agony inherent in trying to do (anything) this, we have here an academy, documentation&a home for our 2&1/2 posters to take part in dialogue, which actually seems (a bit) good.

Ro's talk stoked a thought I'd had going that w/all our media diffusing the attentions of us musically-curious, even the quasi musically-curious and nothing to force our gaze... I mean with WEBSITES getting all friendly recommending us music amidst the ads and with everything suddenly free and immediately available you MIGHT have a think about the motivations of this whole process that let this come about. Not to mention human untrustables w/their unknown allegiances and mysterious hype and whole musical movements being suspect class and race wise, I mean SHIT, this could push a weary man's critical faculties enough so that they detach and undermine themselves&he end's up w/more than a knawing sense of doubt, watching the chunder of a process nullifying itself fall into his lap as he tries to pay attention to the support at a concert. :-(

COMING UP: historicist noise&rock debate in the forest

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