Tuesday, 12 May 2009

well jazz then

So basically free jazz comes from theory?

If we didn't have 12 bar blues or musical notation then free jazz couldn't exist?

But since we have all these systems which allow for loose improvisation, free jazz exists to kick against that?

Because then it's sort of a statement about that, isn't it? I mean movements in music...

Well alot of people, when it comes to movements and theories in art, have alot of big ideas. It should be done this way and that. In music people don't seem so drastically divided, like they're not trying to fix up one kind of perfect music to crumble all the others into submission. Except maybe Punk, they're really trying to kick against mainstream pop music and culture, perhaps the way post modernists are trying to turn away from modernism.

With that stupid point loosely made: what's the point in the stuff like what we saw on Saturday?

I mean I enjoyed it but if it's already been said why repeat it without adding anything?

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