Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Late to the party

FAO: long-haired headphone-bedecked bus-riding dial-uping uber-bummed sixteen year old Mogwai-adorned Tom: as yr elder and better, let me tell you that right now you are sleeping on a guy and this guy is the future.

Yknow, the guy that wrote that tune you've only heard through Jam's furious air-riffing with his leg up on a bench and his head circling with an intensity normally saved for Enter Sandman, the guy that JAMES STAFFORD has some pretend-hate crush on (his reports after seeing Wilkes-Krier in the flesh a dazed&deeply felt "he's a BEAST..."), this guy,

Well shit you might be missing out now but in 2009 you'll be reading his short-stories, watching news anchors fawn over him as he demolishes their shows, reading his mutant replies to fan letters that blast out epic calls to action and and and AAANNNNDD ! - REALLY fucking anticipating his instrumental new age piano record about his car, as in, once you've heard about, nothing will be as vital for you to hear, as in, there will be no gesture that could possibly compete with this; having enough heart that you can throw things SO wide open even George Winston is allowed in! I mean shit. I'd already heard how well he got on with donk, the man can't stop bringing us into the fold like the good shepherd he is.

I apologise unequivocally to everyone else for not being able to better prepare you for this event. I did not foresee this. On the other hand:

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