Tuesday, 25 August 2009

So, about that Tyondai Braxton thing...

Pitchfork Media previews "Platinum Rows." Check it out.

A lot of the noise surrounding this record is of the "golly, he's made a classical-crossover album! How perfectly novel!" variety. Such terms as "New Music" (in the obnoxiously specific sense used by classical boffins, which implies that all popular music is "historically regressive") and even "nu-classical" (thanks again, Pitchfork!) have reared their heads.

I'm still out on this; if there's one thing to be said for Market Garden, it's that it's pretty much ploughing its own furrow. Bits of it sound like New Music (of the fleet-footed, Jennifer Higdon school), bits of it sound like Warner Brothers' soundtracks, and bits of it sound like GirlTalk sampling John Williams and Van Dyke Parks. So, it's either a visionary mash-up or a quasi-pornographic mess. With kazoos. Or fucking both...what do I know?

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